1. Expertise.

SUBSALVE has manufactured underwater flotation since 1977. Designing and manufacturing standard and custom underwater flotation is all we do. It's our main line, not a side line.

2. SUBSALVE Quality.

From product design to state of the art materials, to skilled craftsmen using the best equipment and materials available. Look around and compare, there are none better.

3. Price.

We purchase materials in large volumes from vendors near our factory, allowing us to pass savings along to our customers. Combined with large volume and prepayment discounts, Subsalve's prices are lower than any competition!

4. Service.

Our commitment is to our customer. We have a 24-hour toll free phone line for customer convenience. Our inventory of all standard products has been tripled to insure prompt delivery. As always, we continue to offer a custom design service to those with special needs. In addition, we now accept both Visa & Mastercard.

5. Made in the USA.

Every component part and every ounce of labor is 100% from the USA.

No other company has our experience in the design or manufacturing of underwater flotation. We are positioned to deliver the best products available at the best price.

SUBSALVE USA offers a full warranty of one year for all products and offers reconstruction and recertification to all customers with SUBSALVE products.




SUBSALVE USA. Professional Lift Bags are necessary in the removal of a 90 ton concrete slab that no crane could reach at the Big Dig in Boston, Massachusetts.
(CRC Company, Inc.)

Use Subsalve underwater lift bags for boat salvage, marine rescue operations and
underwater explosive ordnance disposal systems