We used your bags on a small sailboat yesterday. Top quality!!

Kind Regards,

Captain John "Jack" Nesset
The Undersea Company /



Hello Richard,

Thank you again for your help in this salvage, without your lift bag "Subsalve" I will never be able to make it. The ship is back to life and sailing!

Take care & Tank you!

Best Regards,
Mr Bertil
17 ave du MAUZAC / 11300 ST Polycarpe / France /

Video of TAM salvage in Bora Bora with subsalve lift bags.


Watch our Mark V/Orca video

39' Trojan Salvage

We used all Subsalve enclosed pillow bags on this job. Mostly 2,000 lb enclosed pillows but also two 4,000 lb enclosed pillows. The boat was rigged at 60 feet of depth. The job went pretty well as you can see from the video.

Steve Winkler
Sea Tow Boston


Case Study Costa Norte Marine Salvage Specialists

The North Shore Dive Company, Brazil shares a pdf about their company and use of Subsalve lift bags.




Courtesy of Bluewater Diver & Salvage Co.
This 25' sailing vessel was salvaged from shallow water in Bay Pines, FL. When the vessel broke suction from the mud, the keel was missing and airbags had to be used. It took 4x4,000LB & 2x2,000LB bags to float her.

Courtesy of Bluewater Diver & Salvage Co.
This was a single engine airplane shown under tow by Captain Dave Lowe was salvaged in Tampa Bay, FL by BWD.

Courtesy of Bluewater Diver & Salvage Co.
The above photo shows a vessel under tow to a boat ramp.
Due to a missing keel, the airbags had to be left on
during the tow to keep her afloat.

Courtesy of Bluewater Diver & Salvage Co.
The above photo shows the airbags starting to raise a vessel.



All Subsalve USA Products are compliant with IMCA D-016-AIRBAGS, ABS, U.S. Dept. of Defense Standards.

Use Subsalve underwater lift bags for boat salvage, marine rescue operations and
underwater explosive ordnance disposal systems