Designed as a multi-purpose bag that can be used as a lift bag, an upline float, drybag, or an inflatable dive flag/float.

SUBSALVE USA Quad Bags are manufactured of high-strength, lightweight, vinyl-coated nylon fabric and roll up small enough to carry on every dive. They are screened on both sides with a bright red "divers down" flag for high visibility, and are equipped with an oral inflator and an optional lanyard-operated dump valve.

A must for tech divers, wreck divers, beach and boat divers.

The Quad Bag is four bags in one!

  • Recover your ultimate prize from the depths.
  • Mark your location with an upline, or use as a decompression line.
  • Tow as a dive flag to warn off boaters.
  • After the dive, put your suit in the bag to keep your car dry.

All SUBSALVE USA Quad Bags are equipped with:

  • Velcro tie strap
  • Bottom waterproof closure
  • Brass snap
  • Oral inflator

Accessories (ordered separately)

Strobe Light - Makes a Quad Bag a great night diving or drift diving float. Comes with a detachable velcro strap.

CO2 Inflator - Makes a Quad Bag a rapid deployment marker. Comes with a 38-gram CO2 cartridge.

"The Quad Bag" - Sales and instructional video tape, 16:00 min. VHS.


Quad bags are available in four sizes: 25 lb., 50 lb., 100 lb., 200 lb.

Using a Quad Bag to raise a propeller.


Use Subsalve underwater lift bags for boat salvage, marine rescue operations and
underwater explosive ordnance disposal systems