Maine State Police Get to the Bottom with Subsalve Lift Bags

As team commander of the Maine State Police Dive Team, Dave Sinclair retrieved a lot of stolen property and evidence related to homicides and accidents. “We'll rescue a lot of vehicles that go through the ice, like snow mobiles and pickup trucks. The liftbags give you a lot of flexibility when you're away from roads or from a power source. They allow you to lift a vehicle without damaging it and bring it back so you can you use it again. Whenever we used cranes or heavy equipment something would get damaged because of the stresses the cranes put on the vehicles when they lift them.

“We have a lot of quarries in Maine. A lot of folks will toss evidence and figure that we'll never get it up with ropes or chains. We've retrieved a number of safes, vehicles and other objects from quarries. The lift bags come in a variety of sizes so that we can deal with any size object, we really like the versatility.

“I've used a lot of bags. Subsalve bags don't get stiff and break in the cold water conditions that we have up here. And the valve systems are reliable. Richard is really knowledgeable about how to use the bags in the field and always has given us great service and great advice.”





Offshore Vehicle Recovery


Use Subsalve underwater lift bags for boat salvage, marine rescue operations and
underwater explosive ordnance disposal systems