Why are Subsalve Lift Bags so effective?

The excellence we demand in design, materials, and construction.


Our Professional Bag is uniquely designed to provide maximum lifting capacity with the least total bag weight. Its shape, similar to an inversed water droplet at the moment of breakaway, also provides even distribution of stress over the fabric surface.

Now available on all of our professional bags is our variable volume vent valve (V4). With the use of the V4 buoyancy control hose, a diver can set the exact amount of air desired in the lift bag. This lets the diver lift, lower, or suspend the lift load automatically. The diver can also control ascent and descent rates by positioning the control hose at the appropriate location. The V4 option gives any operation total buoyancy control.


We are committed to the task of engineering flotation equipment with the most sophisticated materials available. High strength synthetics like nylon and polyester further protected by tough, chemically impervious coatings of vinyl and urethane are used regularly. Use of DuPont's new synthetic fabric, Kevlarš, 4 times stronger than steel, is typical of the way in which SUBSALVE USA designs improvement into its flotation gear.


From the stitching in the straps to the coatings on the fabric, everything has to be absolutely first quality to withstand the harshness of the marine environment. And at SUBSALVE, first quality is our first priority.

Successful lifts are in the bag with SUBSALVE.






Designed for buoyancy control.



Use Subsalve underwater lift bags for boat salvage, marine rescue operations and
underwater explosive ordnance disposal systems