Our extensive standard product line will suit most of your flotation needs. However, because of the immensity of the ocean and the astonishing variety of conditions possible in any subsurface undertaking, conventional flotation systems are not always applicable for every job.

That's why we've developed SUBSALVE's Custom Flotation Service.

CFS began with a special assignment from the U.S. Navy to develop a flotation device that would dependably withstand particularly abusive conditions. SUBSALVE developed the 5-ton Deep Ocean Lift Bag, which has unprecedented strength, low elasticity and superior resistance to abrasion and chemical attack. The bag was a success and went on to become our standard Professional Lift Bag design.

Our Custom Floatation Service invites the challenge of very difficult flotation problems. We are staffed with experienced designers, engineers and fabricators who have met many challenges and have established an enviable record of solutions.

Step-by-step estimation and reporting procedures keep costs under control and enable SUBSALVE customers to gauge value on a continuous basis. When a solution to a problem has been reached and customer approval of the design given, the system is built, tested and delivered in a timely manner. No job is too big or too difficult.

From Towers to Torpedoes

SUBSALVE custom flotation projects have already proven themselves on major ocean jobs in many offshore applications.

Instrumentation towers: Designed for collecting weather or oceanographic data, these towers need to be moved fairly often. The use of a crane for the job can quickly run up heavy expenses and can only be used with the best of weather conditions. A SUBSALVE custom system of enclosed bags, on the other hand, strategically located at key points on the tower, permits relocation of the entire structure with just a small vessel.

Emergency aircraft flotation system: For the US Coast Guard, SUBSALVE created a system to assist in the recovery of downed planes and helicopters. It's a system of four-4000 lb. capacity enclosed flotation bags with an integral inflation system. A single throw of the valve inflates the bags in 2 minutes. A very practical system for aircraft servicing offshore platforms or which frequently fly over water.

Other custom projects:

  • Development of a remote-triggered flotation device carried on the ALWT (Advanced Light Weight Torpedo).
  • Flotation system for the installation of transducers onto attack submarines.
  • Water-tight weapon equipment bags for the Navy Seals.
  • Variable volume lift bag for the Navy Underwater Systems Center.
  • NASA used a SUBSALVE flotation system to recover the rocket boosters used to launch the space shuttle.






Instrumentation towers designed for collecting weather or oceanographic data need to be moved fairly often

Professional 4000 Lift Bag


Use Subsalve underwater lift bags for boat salvage, marine rescue operations and
underwater explosive ordnance disposal systems