Originally called upon by the ATF to give a manufacturer’s presentation on the technology of Underwater Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Subsalve went on to create revolutionary, custom-designed products and devised an integrated curriculum that taught law enforcement agents about the theory and physics behind lift bag use.

The UERS Specialist course was started in 1997-98 by the UERS—Underwater Explosive Recovery Service, a joint project of the Oklahoma Police Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and supported by the FBI and local law enforcement agencies started as a direct response to the Oklahoma City bombing. The program provided critical training for bomb technicians in underwater explosives recovery.

Subsalve began by giving the agents, all bomb specialists with basic dive experience, a summation of the theory and fundamentals of the science of buoyancy and use of lift bags. This course gives agents a complete theoretical and practical background in the use of underwater lift bags and bomb retrieval systems.

Founder of the program, Rocky Yardley, Chief of the Oklahoma Bomb Squad and Underwater Explosive Recovery Unit, commented, "Subsalve worked hands-on with the divers providing them with full range of practical experience and theoretical background on all aspects of underwater ordnance recovery."

In addition to providing highly specialized training Subsalve worked with UERS to develop new products to retrieve explosives and the vehicles used to transport them intact to be used as evidence. The Subsalve Pancake and Doughnut Bags were specifically designed to permit evidence retrieval without damage especially in low visibility environments. Trainees blacked out their diving masks so that they could literally perform UERS recoveries blindfolded.

Subsalve’s unique approach to underwater ordnance recovery integrates hands-on practical experience, state-of-the-art technology and absolute commitment to the reliability of the equipment and safety of the UERS recovery specialists.




Mark V in Action


Use Subsalve underwater lift bags for boat salvage, marine rescue operations and
underwater explosive ordnance disposal systems