Commercial and professional salvage divers can find exactly what they need for every job with SUBSALVE. And there can be remarkable advantages in using lift bags versus other commercial lifting methods. This is especially true when alternative lifting gear is either not available, too costly, or cannot get to the site on time.

A case in point is ship salvage. The use of totally enclosed floatation bags attached inside of sunken vessels reduces the number of conventional bags that must be rigged to the outside of the wreck. Less rigging time means less diving time and lower costs. When it comes to working in and around water nothing works as efficiently as SUBSALVE USA Lift Bags.

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The Sonofagun, a 38 foot lobster boat, went down in 115 feet of water off Vinal Haven, Maine. About a year after it went down, we located the boat, rigged it with Subsalve bags and brought it to the surface, really in excellent condition.

Even though the boat was in pretty deep water, we didn't need any bags or cranes, we did the whole thing with Subsalve bags.

Dave Sinclair
SeaVentures, Inc.


Use Subsalve underwater lift bags for boat salvage, marine rescue operations and
underwater explosive ordnance disposal systems